Why Should You Invest in a Mobile Ecommerce Shipping Software

In this digital world dominated by mobile devices and tablets, it is really important to consider investing in a mobile ecommerce shipping software! Read and discover more!

Before the popularity of smartphones, shipping companies relied on traditional desktop shipping software to fulfill, control and maintain their orders. However, with the growing popularity of mobile phones today and the pressure to provide a convenient environment for employees or offer incredible customer service, shipping companies are offering shipping software solutions that are integrated with mobile. Here are some of the companies that are framing these new implementations: https://www.shopify.com/shipping/usps

According to one of the most popular search engines – Google, the number of mobile users today is more than 2.1 billion and this number is predicted to reach more than 2.5 billion by the end of 2019. It makes perfect sense for ecommerce businesses to look for an ecommerce shipping software that allows integration of a smartphone. Incorporating the mobile feature in the ecommerce shipping software makes it simpler for employees, customers, and anybody that is related to your ecommerce business to be able to see real-time shipping information.

In today’s digital world that is dominated by mobile devices and tablets, it is a smart idea to redefine and revisit your shipping strategies and impress your business partners, customers, carriers, and employees with the use of modern mobile technology and make sure it plays a crucial role in your online business.

The ecommerce shipping software that has mobile capabilities integrated can empower and simplify the shipping process by allowing you, your customers, and your employees to access the shipping details, regardless of where they are, at any time. This puts away the trouble of having to go back to the office, check the shipment status, and inform the customers.

Allowing mobile access to your new ecommerce shipping software increases the productivity of your employees and boost customer satisfaction at the same time. It offers your employees a lot of conveniences such as managing different aspects from one location, and much more. Mobile integration allows your customers to check their order status, directly from their smartphones. If a customer can see the order status whenever he wants, this customer will surely be delighted and will probably become your loyal buyer.

What are we trying to say is that allowing mobile access to your ecommerce shipping software really improved and strengthens your online business. Allowing mobile access to everyone who is related to your business can help you build a powerful brand. If these people can get access to shipment details, they will see that as a sign of professionalism and trust and they will surely respond in a kind way. This way, any problem or a flaw that could show up in the course of shipping is definitely alienated. The flaws and issues that may show up during shipping include unexpected shipment delay, change in delivery time, product counting error, and etc.

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider investing in a mobile ecommerce shipping software:


  • Allows you to see all real-time shipment information
  • You are able to check or update the shipment details on the fly
  • It offers you the ability to track, control, and manage inbound and outbound shipments
  • Allows you to send real-time transition information, as well as, freight quotes
  • You can track the shipment. For example, you are able to check where the shipment is at the moment or when it is expected to reach its final destination
  • It allows you to send notifications about the shipment to your agents, carriers, and clients upfront
  • Allows execution of multi carrier shipment processes

There are lots of mobile-friendly ecommerce shipping software solutions out there. Make a research and find the best one that aligns with your business needs and goals.